STAR Associates, Inc.

STAR Associates Inc. provides scientific and business advisory services specializing in financing and investment strategy, joint venture and M&A transactions and exit plan alternatives for public and private early-stage technology companies.

For over 23 years, STAR has demonstrated a proven track record of providing guidance for clients in a wide range of medical, scientific and technology applications. 


  • Venous alternative to angiogram
  • Wearable remote diabetes monitoring systems
  • Breast cancer computerized diagnostics
  • Cryogenic stem cell banking
  • Stem cell therapeutics
  • Oncology bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Early stage childhood behavioral diagnostic software


  • Water contamination detection systems
  • Photo activation light sources for stimulation, sterilization and dissociation
  • Underwater robotics for commercial and cruise ship maintenance
  • Advanced controlled buoyancy underwater lifting and emplacement systems
  • Human persona robotics/AI
  • Sidescan sonar search and discovery of military and ancient shipwrecks


  • ER fluids for armament damping, Mag-Lev and acoustic communication systems
  • Extreme environment research and training to support commercial diving, submersible, human spaceflight and human life science sectors
  • Linear and synchrotron particle accelerators
  • Electro-magnetic launchers
  • Surface to air lasers 
  • Homeland security chemical detection devices